Red Top Christian Church

Our History
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Our church was started by settlers in the Rocky Fork Township.  As soon as the settlers arrived they started meeting in homes and clearings.  In 1822, a log cabin church was built on land donated by Nathan and Priscilla Roberts.  The church was named Liberty Christian Church.  (model of that church pictured at left)
Liberty Church was not only the first church in Rocky Fork Township but also the first church in Boone County.  All denominations met at this church and the doors were never locked.  There have been congregations meeting on this site since 1822. 
The name Red Top came from the gabled ends of the church that were painted with paint made from red keel that came from a local creek.  Many of the lay ministers and itinerant preachers who visited referred to the church as the "red top" church.  The name of the church was officially changed from Liberty to Red Top in 1868.  The original church burned down in 1835 and another was rebuilt at the same location.  A third church was built in 1867 very close to the location of the first church.  That sanctuary is still being used today.
We have a rich, long lasting heritage to share with all who worship with us.

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